Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors Review

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors Review

Mijello (Korean brand) watercolros are known for their bright selection of colors. I recently got the 24 color-set in Mission Gold grade (artist grade in the brand’s terminology). I initially planned to get the pans version but since I juggle out traditional and digital works lately, tubes are still the best option. Plus, at least I have the control over the amount of paint I need for a (commission) work.

I also planned of getting 36 colors but since I’m trying to save space lately, I ended up getting the 24 colors and I think that number of colors are enough for me to seriously study color mixing well. Hence, the colors in the said set are okay for botanicals painting already. You may watch the unboxing video I had with this watercolor set below:

I also got the Mijello Fusion 18 watercolor palette and it was a good investment in my opinion. I have a lot of plastic palettes and even lost track already what's inside (I sometimes work with gouache aside from watercolors, too) and keeping them for quite some time makes paint crack and not-so-fresh anymore (even if I reactivate/spray it with water). And because of that, I end up using porcelain plates for mixing because no matter how many times I mix watercolors on them, they don't stain. And yup, if you're a beginner in watercolors, these paints are water based but some colors have particular pigments that may cause staining in plastic surfaces and even on fabrics.

The said palette is airtight and keeps paint fresh and wet (!!!) which is very important for me since I usually work on bright color scheme. Please do take note that paint colors appear brighter when paints used are freshly squeezed. If you noticed in the video, removable transparent mixing plate is present. You may put that mixing plate on top of your working paper and it saves time and scrap paper: because whatever color you see there will be the exact color that will be painted on paper.

I listed some pros and cons that I've observed for few months I've been using this set:
1. Paints are undeniably brighter than the previous sets I used especially Asian sets like Kuretake Gansai Tambi.
2. If you like painting florals and botanicals, this set is for you. The set I got has a lot of reds to pinks.
3. The palette is easy to carry during travels.
4. Colors are actually lightfast.

1. When buying individual watercolor tubes, I always invest on greens. This set has only 3 greens. I got disappointed on how Hooker's Green looks like since other brands I've used, this color appear consistent among brands. They should've included Olive Green (to have muted green) in this set since Sap Green and Viridian and already bright greens. Again, this is for my preference since when I'm painting botanicals, a lot of greens/leaves in my work make it an abundant floral composition.
2. Permanent Yellow is too smiliar with Yellow Orange. I can't tell much of its difference. I don't know if this set I got is just a bad batch because when I did a research online, some reviews can show the difference. A darker/muted orange like Orange or Red Orange color instead can be included to complete the range.

Disclaimer: my pros and cons are just my personal opinion/preference/comments of few months of using the product.


Sharing with you the color chart as well so if you decide to pick up this set the next time you avail a new watercolor set for yourself (*wink wink*), here are the possible color combinations:

Here are some of my works using Mijello:

'til the next art materials review! 



Paola Jane