Art Hubs in Taipei

Art Hubs in Taipei

You've probably read about Taipei's must-see places here and read about outskirts of Taiwan here, so here's a separate post for you if you're an art enthusiast, frequent art installation/exhibit visitor, stationery lover, on-the-lookout-for cozy cafeterias, and collector of cute stuff. You can view some snippets of different stores, creative parks, cafeterias in my one-second video clips compilation below:

Never ever miss out Taipei's flourishing art scene if you're a budding artist! So here's a short list of what I tried to visit:


1. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. It's known as "Creative Hub of Taipei" as they usually hold art installations and exhibits. It also houses the Songyan Gallery which you can find pop-up artist booths. You can also find Yue Yue bookstore here. I also found the nicest EsLite Branch here named EsLite Spectrum because of their cozy pop-up coffee shops! Admission is free except to admission in some exhibits or installations.

How to get there: MRT - Blue Line, alight at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station, Exit 5 and walk around 550 m to Yanchang Rd or Blue Line, alight at Taipei City Hall Station, Exit 1 or 2 and walk around 400 m to  Zhongxiao East Rd.

2. Huashan 1914 Creative Park. It's officially my favorite creative park to date! What's not to love with this hipster place, anyway? *wink wink* I was so ecstatic to see here the main store for Wooderful Life (they create adorable and nostalgic wooden music boxes. Know more about them here) since my curiousity about this product started when I got 2 music boxes (piano and a cat--find the video clip from this compilation here or check it our in my IG highlights here) in Shifen. The store also offers make-your-own music boxes and XieXie the Panda stuff. It's a must-visit for both children and adults alike besides it's hard to miss the store out since it's always full of people. The said park is an old winery and turned into creative space to become a home to musicians, independent artists and local brands. Surprise, surprise! If you're a techie person, Guanghua Digital Plaza Computer Market is just across the park!

How to get there: MRT - Blue or Orange line, Zhongxiao Xinsheng and take Exit 1.


1. EsLite Bookstore. I literally did Eslite-hopping in my last trip and thanks goodness, the boyfriend is patient enough to go with me and would always say every freaking time "Ah so this is their version of National Bookstore" and I would only reply "only better because they have cozy spots like coffee shops inside the store". I think I went to these branches: Xinyi (their biggest one!), Dunnan, Shilin, Taipei Main Station and Eslite Spectrum at Shongshan Cultural & Creative Park. They almost hold same brands but in different quantities perhaps.

2. T.Y. Lee Pen Shop. Okay, fountain pen lovers, hold your horses! It houses most of the pen brands and inks and even sell it cheaper than Scribe here in Manila. TWSBI originated in Taiwan so they sell it cheapest here.

How to get there: MRT - Red line, Da'an Station

3. Stationery/School Supply/Art Stores. Here's a small list of stores I visited. They almost sell same items so if you're planning to buy something for your artsy friend, anything is cheap here. Just beware of washi tapes collections because they sell A LOT! See their respective locations in photos' captions.

And here's my hmble haul for my recent trip:

I hope you find this post useful in your art-hoarding trip to Taipei!


Paola Jane