rOtring Creative Set Review

rOtring Creative Set Review

I got something new to add in my illustration arsenal: the rOtring Creative Set!

It's actually good to know when brands come up with starter kits like this so that beginners or enthusiasts won't have a hard time deciding which materials to get. This set has been an instant must-have for my fave tools (aka workhorse materials--I will compile all my mostly used tools in a post soon!) under Illustrations/Drawing category

The rOtring Creative Set

The rOtring brand comes with different sets: promo set, junior set, mechanical set, compact set, smarts set and this creative set I'll be reviewing.

Technically, this set has the following: Tikky Graphic Fineliner, Tikky Mechanical Pencil, Set of 12 2B leads, Tikky 30 eraser and ruler. 

Tikky Graphic Pen on Daycraft journal

The Tikky Graphic Pen is available in 8 different points (0.1 mm to 0.8 mm). It comes with a brown plastic barrel for the build quality and pigmented black ink. I usually use Zig Drawing Pen and Zig Mangaka Pen in Fine tip for my fine art illustrations but whenever I use it against a ruler as guideline, I'm afraid that my pen's tip will fray. Good thing, Tikky pen has metallic sleeves that surround the fiber tip that creates precise lines and makes the tip last long. The pigmented ink is also lightfast, waterproof (so you can paint it over with watercolors) and archival quality. Free-ink technology of the makes the ink flow consistently down to the last drop.

Drawing with Mechanical Pencil

The mechanical pen is in 0.5mm tip with a 2B lead as default. It brass mechanism for precision lead advancement and ixed lead metal sleeve preventing break and offering an unimpeded view of the page for precise ruler-based drawing. I'd like to believe then that this set can also used in your technical drawings/drawing plates. Please take note that illustrations here in this post were drawn on DayCraft journal.

It's good that I find this minimal set as already a complete one in my preference since it includes a set of extra 2B leads, ruler and eraser. Though lately, I'm more comfortable using smaller lead size (0.35 mm would do) in my works due to its line size and even easier/cleaner to erase upon watercolor painting.

Isograph pens | Work credits to Sydney Esteron


I got to see my sister (who's in an art school right now) using rOtring Junior Set with 3 isograph pens (technical pens) in 0.10, 0.3 and 0.5 mm tips + bottle of ink refill. Just so you know, the pen barrels have rings on it which are color-coded according to tip sizes. She used the set in her drawing plates for academic requirements.

I was able to borrow the set for some writing and few drawings but I can say, I'm not into technical pens: not for my everyday writing/drawing as it's really choosy with papers though my sister suggests using parchment paper for the isograph pens. In the photo of her drawing plate, she drew on Canson Sketch pad but reminded me that if you're a first timer with the isograph pens, spend few time practicing the usage of pen as it tends to feather on some papers. Another thing, I'm a very clumsy person so needlepoint tips like these won't be a preference.

Work credits to Sydney Esteron

Stay tuned for my next art materials review! :)

ROtring pens/sets are available in National Bookstores nationwide, Art Bar and on rOtring official online store in Lazada here. Follow them in their official Instagram account, too (



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