All Things Bright and Lovely From Hallmark

All Things Bright and Lovely From Hallmark

It's (almost) Christmas time!

Since I'm always busier on holidays, I have little time to shop for Christmas gifts for family and friends. Thanks to SM Stationery's Pastel collection (read here) for a nifty gift guide but of course, aside from planning what to buy for your love ones, wrapping 'em up is another priority. Thanks goodness to Hallmark Philippines for sending me a big bag of Christmas goodies! 

I grew up sending greeting cards to my dad and uncle (who are both seamen) and clip some of my drawings inside the cards to tell some stories what happened in school. That actually meant I grew up with fondest memories with Hallmark. Their greeting cards serve as an inspiration in my art, too! I usually copy drawings and letterings (and calligraphy as well!) of their cards when I was a child. These handmade cards are kept by my mom and shows bunch of them when daddy gets home.

I remember getting a Hallmark program in my first desktop, too (installed with a CD!) that dad gifted to us before. Of course, that meant unlimited printing of notepads and greeting cards from the program's different templates/designs and also empyting ink tanks of our home printer! Lol. Those were good 'ol days! :)

Hallmark still has a variety of greeting cards (side story: my not-so-recent-fave was their BIG greeting card--someone used to send me a big card + mushy message way back in college), wrappers, gift accessories and bags, home decorations and of course, travel essentials (will tell you about this, later).

By the way, I'm sharing you some wrapping tips , too, to level up your #WrappingGame in no time!

Wrapping game, ready?

DIY Christmas Wrapper with Embossing Materials: Maximize the use of your emboss kit! | Emboss pen & heating tool from Zig Philippines + Emboss Powder from Tsukineko Ph // Ribbon and Lace from Hallmark

Not into doodling? You may use your stamps to create details in your wrapper paper! | Versacraft Stamp Pad + Embossing kit from Tsukineko and Zig PH // Wrapping Paper from Hallmark PH // Acrylic Stamps from Mama Elephant (my design!!!)

Not into gifting something bought from the stores? Gift check, money or (DIY) gift coupons will do!

There are lot more styles you can do with their products especially if you're into DIY! Hope this post helped you in (cramming haha) wrapping your gifts! 

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