Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags, Everyone!

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags, Everyone!

I've shared in my Instagram post that I'll be giving away some goodies: printable/downloadable gift tags for your cramming Christmas gift-wrapping (haha how often do I mention the words "rush" and "cramming" in my blog posts lately).

Download it here.


Please do take note that these freebies are for personal use ONLY and NOT intended for commercial or for selling purposes.

This downloadable can be printed to cardstock, watercolor paper (see sample in the photo -- painted with quinacridone gold paint) and light-colored specialty board/paper. Print size is 8.5 in x 11 inches (short bond).

Don't forget to tag me in your gift-wrapping post/s if you're using my gift tags, okay? :)


PS: Care to share this post, pls? :)



Paola Jane