Color Feature: Quinacridone Gold

Color Feature: Quinacridone Gold

I have a favorite (watercolor) paint recently: it's Quinacridone Gold!

I have two in my collection: from Daniel Smith (watercolor stick & watercolor in tube) and Sennelier (in pan). I have yet to look for the Winsor and Newton version of it but I find the two brands that I have very similar to each other when it comes to shade (unlike other brands, when you say Phthalo Blue, Brand X's phthalo blue is different from Brand Y's phthalo blue). It's a dark warm yellow and I love mixing it with and painting it beside my brights (hello, Opera Pink and Shin Han Orange). I use it as my primary yellow as well where I hated using bright yellows like Lemon Yellow since scanning them means washing out the entire color, too (the struggle of scanning yellows is real).

If you have quinacridone gold in your haul, here are the possible mixes/shades you can have (given that you use all reds/pinks and blues shades in your sets, different brands to be exact):

Legend: DS = Daniel Smith; W&N = Winsor and Newton, SH = Shin Han, LAB = Life After Breakfast Handmade Watercolors

Quinacridone Gold mixed different shades of RED and PINKS

Quinacridone Gold mixed different shades of BLUE

Using a single color (quin gold in this case) and mixing it with the other colors in one artwork make your work more cohesive to look at. Here's my work for example:

On top are the colors produced with mixing with quinacridone gold

These are the colors mixed with Quinacridone gold

Just thought of sharing my love for Quinacridone Gold with you guys! How about you, how do you find this color? Or do you have a favorite quinacridone shade? Share it below or I might experiment with them sooner! :)



Paola Jane