Gift Guide for a Merry Pastel Christmas

Gift Guide for a Merry Pastel Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and so is the holiday rush! Even on a rush, gifting should still be well-thought especially when having a bunch of friends with different personalities. Of course, I know exactly how it feels to receive a present that seems so "generic" or something that is quite ~*disappointing*~. Or something that will get you thinking like, "uhhh, friend's gift is not so me?". You don't want your friends to feel that, yes? :)

Effort still counts when looking for perfect gifts for every personality but let me tell you one thing: they don't have to be expensive. Considering your recipient's lifestyle, hobbies and interests or even their favorite (pastel) colors, SM Stationery has A Pastel Wish for Every Pastel Wish! Let this post be a gift guide for your holiday cramming shopping, either your friends are artist, traveler or chic!


SM Stationery is a haven for art lovers and artists alike. They got quirky stuff like sneakers pencil case that can work as a canister as well (my obvious and instant favorite during the store visit), denim bags that can be decorated with pins and patches, and LOTS of sketch books (I'm pretty sure I haven't covered the whole store's artsy notebook collection yet!). Okay, maybe, I'm exaggerating their variety of notebook designs, but the notebook hoarder in me feels so giddy seeing them neatly arranged per color *insert emoji with heart eyes here*. Definitely (with obvious bias), Kitty-designed stuff are always welcome in my haul! <3

Of course, art materials are bounty as well! It's hard not to hoard cute pens and pencils when they come in yummy shades! Love journaling or simply wanted to have different set of highlighter colors (and use it in doodling sometimes)? They got pastel highlighters, too (Hello, Stabilo!).

Light box and ice cream lamps can actually prettify your desk AKA work headquarters, too!


For someone who is a travelling artist like me, spacious pouches are essentials! I usually travel to the sea so waterproof-ing my stuff with silicone pencil cases is another thing to consider. Adorable passport cases, luggage bag and covers, tumblers are in store as well.

Need in-flight cozies? SM Stationery got you covered, too, with their eye masks, floral neck pillows and pastel-y ear buds. Need to pump up music while sunbathing with friends? Portable speakers are available in cute animal designs, too!

3. For CHIC

Got a kikay friend? Maybe you can gift your friend a kikay pouch, trendy headphones, pompom pens, cutesy animal keychains, mini fan and colorful phone rings! Or perhaps help her make her bedroom more IG-worthy with SM Stationery's LED lamps and lights which are available in cactus, flamingo and unicorn designs!

Your chic friend is into planning her OOTDs? The store has chic planners for her as well. To add, universal sockets with USB port extensions that come in handy and in pastel shades, too, makes gadget-charging so convenient so spontaneous OOTD photoshoots won't be a bummer! 

Of course, don't forget to wrap 'em in yummy colors, too! Gone are days that Christmas gifts whould be wrapped in brights, shimmering, reds and greens. Why not try to be consistent and make it more eye-candy with SM Stationery's pastel gift paper bags and boxes

Hope this post helped you in some ways in planning your (crammed) Christmas shopping list! Or perhaps had specific people in mind to gift with these adorable stuff from the store? Actually, during the store visit, I'm pretty sure I'm ready for last-minute shopping (and mentally listed people I want to surprise with these fun finds). :)

Don't you think that ASAP (or now!) is the right time to visit the nearest SM Stationery? :) Let me know your instant eye-candies (and wishin' you'll receive some on Christmas Day, too!).

Happy shopping! :)


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