A Secret Place in Puerto Galera

A Secret Place in Puerto Galera

My travel constants and I have been looking for a secret place without booking a flight off to some no-signal island and without enduring 8-12 hrs pain-in-the-ass bus/van ride (joiner trip is fun but socializing with people I just met because we're riding same van to and fro drains my introvert energy). Lately, we've been trying to revisit beaches we've been to already but we're so happy to discover Kalaw Place in Oriental Mindoro (yup, we've been to Puerto Galera--so how come we haven't heard know about this place?!?).

Let's get straight to the point. Here's a list of things you'll love about this place:

  • Privacy - I'm not fond of partying and such and crowd dreads me so much. The fact that this place only allows registered people (which actually meant advance booking/no walk-ins), okay, this is already a WIN
  • Basic life - Thank goodness for friends who can cook, they are lucky, they can survive HAHA. Count me in for palengke skills and washing dishes but not for cooking meals :( If without these friends, I shall be your girl scout that has life dependent on canned goods (This isn't a promoted post but I can always survive with San Marino Tuna Paella :P)
  • Bungalow house, anyone? - We stayed at Room 11 but basically all houses are made of bamboos, rattan, nipa, etc. Plus, the view of the Puerto Galera Bay in our living room makes me think, "can I bring this kind of view in Manila?". Okay, impossible.
  • German Shepherds - I love pets!!! I wonder why whenever we stay at hostels, owners usually have pet dogs! But their pet dogs here are different, they actually toured us to and from the private pier which means...
  • PRIVATE DOCK! - is the best part of this place. Did I say every corner in this pier is IG-worthy? 
  • Sleep with the nature - place is surrounded with trees, palms, bamboos, anahaw, cactus, hibiscus, bougainvillea, etc. No aircon/fan, don't care. We even got to see fireflies at night *squeals*

Okay, Kalaw Place's site also explained why you'll love the place, too, here.

What do you say about flatlay-ing yourself?

Private pier at 9pm with the dog as our tour guide.

This house used to have the place's bar.

We were lucky that during our stay of 3 days 2 nights, we had the private cove on our own.

No need to worry if you have the banana bed, the serene water won't swamp you into other spot of the sea. HAHA

The waters might be deep but not scary enough to swim across and reach the other dock. CHEERS!

Forest feels is a good excuse for photoshoot lol

Don't say I didn't warn you, bring the photoshoot squad in!

#SquadGoals photo is a must!

Need to see more about the private dock/pier? Okay, check this video clip of #TitasOfManila invading Kalaw Place! :p

How to get there:

Ride Jam Liner in Kamuning in Batangas Pier route and alight in Batangas Pier after 2.5 hrs. Avail a round trip ferry ride from Minolo Shipping Lines. About an hour after of ferry ride, they will drop you off in Muelle Port. You can ride a trike dropping by a wet market for your necessities and go to Kalaw Place after. 



Php 7600 - accommodation for 6pax

Php 175 - bus fare from Kamuning to Batangas Port (same rate vice versa)

Php 460 each - Ferry fare, round trip

Php 150 - trike from Muelle port to Kalaw Place (same rate vice versa)

* Groceries expenses depend on your group's consumption

View of the sea in our bedroom located at the attic (YES, ATTIC!)

More outtakes in the private dock | For more analog mobile apps I used, check my previous post here.

Living room view | For more analog mobile apps I used, check my previous post here.

YOLO Jump!

Just a gentle reminder though, staying "with the nature" means more insects so bring up a bottle of OFF! Lotion Overtime variant (no, not a sponsored post lol) for 8hr protection. :)

Planning to visit this place sooner? Comment down your questions below if you are interested to know more about our trip to Kalaw Place! :)


You can check our other photos in this Facebook album here.

Photo Credits: Kayle Castro (Instagram)


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