Polaroid-like Apps I'm Using in my Instagram Photos

Polaroid-like Apps I'm Using in my Instagram Photos

If you have read about my photography hobby in my previous posts, you know by now that I'm a lover of anything analog. I've been receiving messages asking about whether I'm using Photoshop or an app to have a Polaroid border around my pictures. I tried Photoshop already wherein I have to find a hi-res PNG file of Polaroid frame but I'm trying to minimize my laptop usage due to it's radiation for my eyesight problem. 

So here's a round-up of Android Apps I've been using in my Google Pixel (both paid + free apps):


1. Feelm Classic - Analog Filters (Php 55.00)

When you use the app's camera, it can serve as polaroid camera (develops as polaroid film - either square or mini instax format -- see sample photo below). The app allows you to "analog-ized" your gallery photos through their range of film filters.

2. Kultcamera - Retro Film Camera (FREE)

Turn your phone into a pocket camera from the past and take unique retro pictures with numerous vintage cameras, lenses and films. It has 4 retro camera models + 24 films and 7 lenses to choose from.

Excuse the vanity! :P

3. Vignette Photo Effects (Php 153)

Since I've been into film and lomo photography before, I know that this app delivers same effect as my stock/expired films like Ektachrome (film lovers, you know this lingo). It has filters that are similar to Holga and Diana as well and shoots photo in full resolution (if your camera has 21 mp capability, it saves 21 mp, too). Time stamps are available, too!

4. Gudak Pro (FREE)

Finally, Android has its version and this camera app obviously originated from Kodak's disposable camera. It has an in-app purchase "Express" (Php 59) which can develop your film roll right after finishing 24 frames. But if you're keeping it for free, one day film processing is a waiting game (I don't mind though, real film cameras even take a longer time--processing + printing).

Please take note that this app is still developing for now but had pretty much improved since I first downloaded it. The developer is very hands-on in my opinion to make it better (their filters had improved and updated every now and then -- so be patient!) Nonethless, I love how shots are saved in full-res mode, too!

5. Instant: Polaroid Instant Cam (Php 100)

Resembles the original Polaroid camera in square format. You have the option to remove the polaroid border, too, if you just plainly want analog feels in your photo. Comparable to Feelm app but this has text customization.

6. InstaMini (FREE)

This app performs like a modern Polaroid -- Mini Instax for that sake. It has 3 camera types. Polaroid frames are in variety, too, but I find the frames pixelated when developed which kind of ruins the vintage effect of overall photo result. App limits use of films for 10 shots a day (film count resets every 12 midnight) which is a big downside if you're trigger-happy. Another one is you have to weirdly shake your phone in order for film to be developed, another con for on-the-go people. I like its random lightleaks and saturation effects though.

7. Retro Film (FREE)

This isn't a camera app to be exact -- it's a film processing app, wherein it "develops" your gallery photos into film ones. All you have to do is watch an ad to get a film roll of your choice (this parts sucks though), arrange photos from your gallery in the film roll and develop it for few seconds. Easy-peasy, right? I super love the grainy  effect on photos since it's very similar to my film photos from Ektachrome and Kodak rolls! This blog entry's thumbnail is from this app, too!


Camcorder - VHS Home Videos

Okay, so this one's not a camera app but a video app that gives the feels of "recording in the 80s & 90s straight from your phone". Of course, time stamp included!


Hope you'll enjoy using the apps and nope, this isn't a sponsored post -- I'm just happy to share the whatnots in the analog bandwagon -- in digital way!

Do you have your fave film app in your phone? Feel free to share 'em here in the comment box below! Sharing is caring!


Paola Jane