My "Secret Garden" Paper Camera

My "Secret Garden" Paper Camera

It's another dream come true to me.

As an emerging artist, I always seek for opportunities like collaborations with different brands that can utilize my art syle and lifestyle I'm in (travel + arts + food). It's an honor to be part of Paper Shoot Lokal: Travel and Nature Collection. I truly believe in this brand's advocacy about being eco-friendly so I'm glad to have my share on it (and even had previous collaboration with them through camera customization in their pop-up event +  my birthday giveaway). 

Of course, I have to share as well the write-up they made about being one of their Featured Artists here (thanks Monic for the article + photos) in which I shared about my profession and it's link to my arts, my biggest art influences and some wisdom nuggets that I hope can help you be more motivated to love your own art style and arts in general.

Previously, I got my DIY Pure White camera and designed it to make it really as my own because I wished to design for Paper Shoot Cameras as well (I shared my camera review here and tips on how to design it here). It's a different feeling if you the brand tapped you to collaborate with them and make your design available for others to appreciate and use. 

My process was simple. I drew inspiration from fauna from my beach trips and treks. Blue and green watercolors were my favorite color combo in painting illustrations.

My "Secret Garden" design is now available online by clicking this link. It's a perfect gift for everyone who loves tropicals, travelling, arts and photography this upcoming holidays! :)



Paola Jane